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20 Benefits Of Almonds

benefits of almonds

Benefits Of Almonds

Almonds are also known as Badam in India. Health benefits of Almonds are numerous. Almonds are widely used as the main ingredient in desserts, chocolates, ice creams, and so many dishes. Almonds are not only used in the preparation of food items, but it is used as a key element in the face mask, treatment of hair loss, skin problems, etc. Benefits of almonds are umpteen in number.

What are almonds?

Many of us consider almonds as nuts. But it is not a true nut. Botanically, almonds are categorized as a fleshy stone fruit that has seed in the center. Actually, almonds belong to the family of plum, cherry, and olive. The best suitable climate for almonds is Mediterranean climate; dry, warm summer and mild, wet winter that is the climate of Spain and Italy. Around 80% of the world’s almond requirements are satisfied by California. In India, almonds are cultivated only in some selected places like Jammu and Kashmir, UP and Himachal Pradesh.

Almonds are of two types; Sweet Almonds and Bitter Almonds

Benefits Of Almonds

Sweet and bitter almonds are used to prepare almond oil. This Sweet almond can be consumed as it is or soaked in water. Almond oil is used in the treatment of skin and hair problems. More than 25 varieties of almonds are there. Out of which only 10 varieties of almond are edible.

Advantages of Almonds

Almonds are loaded with vitamin E, antioxidants, protein, fiber, magnesium, etc. Almonds are the best snacks for kids. It is good for brain development and memory power. So many benefits of almonds are there.

Almonds for controlling blood sugar

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the sugar level in the blood is too high and pancreas is not producing enough insulin to balance this sugar. Almonds can be consumed by diabetic people without any hesitation because it contains a good amount of magnesium which assists the body to control the blood sugar level. If almonds are consumed daily, it helps in decreasing low-density cholesterol and increases the amount of insulin thereby controlling diabetes.

Almonds for the digestive system

Indigestion and constipation can lead to so many health issues, including colon cancer. Almonds are good for those who are suffering from these problems. Rich source of fiber content in almonds improves digestion and elimination of waste and toxins from the body. Studies show that consuming almonds regularly and drinking enough water along with it keeps the digestive system healthy and keeps the diseases at bay.

Almonds for controlling blood pressure

Blood pressure is the amount of force that our heart uses to pump blood around our body. Depending upon the age, stress or other medical factors, level of blood pressure can vary from the normal range. That means it may be high or low. High blood pressure can even lead to heart failure. Almonds can control these fluctuations in the body because of its low sodium content in it. High amount of potassium regulates the blood pressure.

Almonds for a healthy heart

Almonds are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are essential for a healthy heart. Presence of vitamin E and magnesium decreases the risk of heart diseases and heart attacks. Almond skin consists of flavonoids which protects the arteries from damage.

Almonds for pregnant women

Doctors use to prescribe folic acid tablets for expecting mothers. Deficiency of folic acid during pregnancy may result in the damaging of the nervous system of the newborn. Almonds are a natural source of folic acid. Regular intake of almonds during pregnancy prevents serious birth defects such as neural tube defects of the baby.

Almonds for immunity

If your immune system is weak you will fall ill frequently. Almonds are a great source of vitamins and minerals especially, vitamin E the deficiency of which can badly affect the body’s capability to keep the diseases away. Vitamin E is antioxidants that help to flush out toxins from the body and keep you fit and healthy. If you eat almonds regularly, it will boost the immunity of the body.

Almonds for healthy brain

Healthy eating habits have to be developed from childhood onwards. Almonds are good for brain development of your little ones. Soak 2 or 3 almonds in water and give to your kids. Soaking of almonds makes it softer and chocking can be prevented. Almonds consist of two important nutrients, riboflavin, and L-carnitine. These nutrients improve the brain activities and functions of the nervous system. It also helps to progress the memory power and intellectual level.

Almond for hair

Almond oil consists of omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids that support healthy hair growth. Massaging the hair root regularly with almond oil promotes the growth of healthy and shiny hair. It also prevents the greying of hair.

Almonds for bones and teeth

As we get aged, our bones and teeth will become weak and brittle. Almonds are rich in phosphorus, an essential element for the development of strong bones and teeth. Raw almonds or almond powder mix with milk promotes the health and durability of bones and teeth.

Almonds for weight loss

Unhealthy diet and lack of exercise are the main cause of obesity. Now a day’s many people are struggling to reduce their weight. For them, almonds are the best choice of snacks. Almonds consist of monounsaturated fat, protein and high amount of fiber. A handful of almond can provide energy as well as satisfy the hungry stomach. Almonds also have the ability to block the absorption of calories by the body.

Almonds for weight loss

Unhealthy diet and lack of exercise are the main cause of obesity. Now a day’s many people are struggling to reduce their weight. For them, almonds are the best choice of snacks. Almonds consist of monounsaturated fat, protein and high amount of fiber. A handful of almond can provide energy as well as satisfy the hungry stomach. Almonds also have the ability to block the absorption of calories by the body.

Almonds for preventing cancer

Because of constipation and irregular bowel movements, the body fails to eliminate waste completely from it. This can cause colon cancer. A fiber-rich diet can prevent the risk of this type of cancer. Almonds are rich in fiber. Studies show that a daily intake of almonds can also reduce the risk of breast cancer in women.

Almonds for healthy skin

For healthy, smooth and glowing skin, vitamin E plays an important role. Almonds are a good source of vitamin E. Applying almond oil or almond milk on the skin can moisturize the skin and protects the skin damage due to sun exposure. Including almond in the daily diet will help you to get clear pimple-free skin. It also prevents the aging of the skin.

Almond  for dark circles

Almond oil can control the dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes. Massaging around the eyes with almond oil can lighten the dark circles.

Almond good for eyes

Those who are working the whole day on the computer can have stress and eye-related problems. To get rid of this, apply some almond oil around the eyes and face. By doing so, you will get great relief from the stress and have a fresh look on the face. Almond oil is also good in growing the eyelashes.

Almond for treating dandruff

Dandruff can lead to hair fall and other hair and scalp related problems. Almond oil can treat the dandruff problem very effectively. In a bowl, take some almond oil and warm it. Apply it on the scalp and massage gently. After 1 hour wash with a mild shampoo.

Almond for hair fall

Almonds oil is a rich source of vitamin E, vitamin D, calcium and magnesium. All these are essential vitamins and minerals for healthy and strong hair. Deficiency of these can be one of the causes of hair fall. Massaging with almond oil prevents hair fall and nourishes hair growth.

Almond for instant energy

Almonds consist of riboflavin that helps to increase the body’s metabolism and provides energy. Almonds are also enriched with copper, proteins, fats, manganese, etc.  

Almond for reducing inflammations

Linoleic and linolenic acids are some sort of fatty acids that helps to reduce inflammations in the body. Unfortunately, our body cannot produce these fatty acids. Consuming 8-10 soaked almonds in the morning can rectify this deficiency.

Almonds for good cholesterol

Almonds contain polyunsaturated fats that reduce the level of bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. The regulation of good and bad cholesterol level in the blood promotes heart health.

Almonds for marks on the skin

Almonds are the best choice of ingredient for the preparation of face mask in treating age spots and marks. Take some almonds and make a paste. Add 1 teaspoon sandalwood powder and 1 tablespoon raw milk. Mix well till you get a smooth paste. Apply it on the face and leave it to dry, after 15 minutes wash with cold water.

Varieties of almonds such as salted, roasted, spicy almonds, chocolate almonds, etc are available in the market. When consumed raw the benefits of almonds are high and they are the best suited for those who are health conscious. While other varieties are not natural as they may use different types of oils or artificial colors to give the attractive look and taste. This can lead to serious health issues like an increase in bad cholesterol level and affect the internal organs.

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