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Calorie Calculator- How to calculate your Calories Intake daily

calorie calculator

Many aspects such as the thoughts about calorie consumption and burning have changed a lot in the modern world. A noticeable shift of paradigm is taking place in the mind-sets of the common public in this regard. The main motto for the people of today is to take care of their health by following certain diet patterns and exercises. The calorie calculator is a very effective tool for such kind of people as it helps them understand how well they are maintaining the diet.

Still, by a very large margin, most people are unaware of what could be a good practice to avoid unnecessary and unhealthy compilation of harmful fats in the body.


What is a calorie calculator?

It is one of the many important tools that essentially uses many key formulas to let you know the number of calories that can be consumed to maintain a good and safe balance of the calorie intake and outflow.

A calorie calculator is your good bet if you had like to know how good you are maintaining your health.


What is a Calorie?

To be put in simple words, a calorie is a unit of energy. Dissecting further, we need the energy to get work done.

Food is our primary energy source. Since not everyone has the same physique, energy requirements would vary from person toperson and factors such as age, size, geographic location and activity levels come into the picture.

Thus, everything we speak about this energy, we refer to it in terms of calories. Calorie consumption in layman terminology would mean the quantity of energy intake from the source. Burning of calories would mean the quantity of energy that is being expended.


Calories: From different types of food sources and effects

Before you start using a calorie calculator or any kind of calorie counter, you shall have a decent knowledge about what are the various types of sources that calories come from and how each of them affects an individual in reality.

The majority of the calories that enter your body occur through the consumption of sources that contain carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and alcohol.

Most of the time, the number of calories present in a food source can be derived using a food calorie calculator or a recipe calorie calculator.

Do you know that your food consumption pattern impacts the way your body processes the food? Most of the people are unaware of this fact and are simply driven intuitively to eat haphazardly. For example, if a person chews the food slowly, it takes an optimal amount of time, for your body to further act upon the thoroughly crushed food.

For this very sane and simple reason, people who tend to eat very fast, for most of the time, are unfortunately the ones who have added extra weight with time. With this small example, it is very ideal to claim that the calorific value mentioned on the food labels may not entirely help you in understanding if the balance of calorie intake and calorie burn is good within the body.

Adding to this reasoning, there is yet another logic behind this step.

Chewing for a little longer time drives signals to your brain that you have eaten more.

Thus, the state of satiety has reached early than would have normally otherwise.

Apart from that, a few times, selective foods themselves force you to chew harder and slowly.

Examples of these types of foods include fruits, vegetables, grain, etc. Subsequently, they draw in further amounts of energy from your body to digest them.

More amounts of energy to be spent means more amount of calories getting burned.

In one way, these types of foods are better as they burn calories apart from supplying calories into the body.

There is yet another kind of food that multiply the rate of calorie burning. Coffee, chilies, ginger, and cinnamon are few to name among this list.

Quantity and quality of the food sources are also important in determining if calorie intake is in the right direction.

There is a wide range of food available that offers both low and high calorific values.

Apart from these high and low-calorie foods, there are also other ones, which provide zero calories.

Consuming such type of food doesn’t have any effect on the calorie content of our bodies.

Again, the number of calories consumed from one food source may not induce the same effect as would the same quantity of calories taken from another food source.

High-calorie foods, as the name suggests, are the ones that shoot out a high amount of calories upon intake. Oils, Fried foods, fat-filled diets, and sugary foods are such foods.

On the contrary, low-calorie foods inject a lesser number of calories after ingestion.

Vegetables and many fruits fall into this category. However, one must not deter in taking high-calorie food only because it has a high dosage of calories. There are foods such as nuts and whole grains which do well ultimately despite having a high amount of calories.

These days, a calorie intake calculator is available readily and you may use them to check if the food you are taking is healthy.

Gaining or losing weight, is quite easy by using a calorie burn calculator and food calorie calculator. Even the fluids contain a subtle amount of calories except for plain drinking water. Juices and sodas contribute a significant portion of calories to the body.


Drawing a perfect balance: For losing weight

One can neither lose weight by simply doing rigorous exercises nor can gain weight by eating all the available stuff. Weight is one such thing that increases or decreases based on the net calories that are staying in the body.

So, if one worries a lot to shed off the weight, he or she must be very careful about what dietary intake are they following and how good are they working upon the body fitness in the form of exercises.

There are various techniques and methodologies to estimate the overall calorific presence in your body roughly but not exactly.

This is completely because there are hell a lot of equations and parameters about this zone and it would be highly confusing to use and conclude the progress. Terminologies such as BMR or Basal Metabolism Rate.

Tools such as maintenance calorie calculator and calorie calculator for weight loss can consider only the food that is consumed by you and has been entered into them.

A Calorie Calculator such as exercise calorie calculator, calorie burning calculator, and running calorie calculator are quite efficient and very helpful to the users for finding out what is the direction of action the users are going!

Moreover, regular usage of these apps in addition to food calorie calculator and recipe calorie calculator can indirectly play with the inner consciousness of a person by tricking them to become more alert with their health maintenance.

You can use one of the formulas that are mentioned in the later sections to calculate your BMR.

Ultimately, one shall remember that the results that are produced by these equations and formulas wouldn’t be pinpoint accurate.

Thus, it isn’t good to entirely rely on this theoretical stuff. Something such as a calorie calculator or more specifically calorie intake calculator may help you reach a precise level of analysis as they use multiple equations and sort out and let you know about your further steps to progress.

From the equations, however, it would be mostly foolishness to consider as an important and finalized parameters as calories taken in from a particular food may not promise to be healthy and hygienic due to bad quality of calories supply.

If losing weight is your intention, then you will have to think about an approach to achieve the goal. Like most people, you shall never rush to bring down weight within a matter of a few daysBy standard norms, 0.45 Kg of body weight or one pound translates to 3500 calories roughly.

With this information in mind, one may get tempted to reduce 500 calories of intake, as that would eventually result in a decrease of 0.45 Kg/1 Pound over a week. This ideology seems to work on paper but not practically.

If implemented, it would lead to serious complications and may also become fatal for health. Health experts would generally state that loss of 2 pounds/ 0.90 Kg per week is a serious concern.

As per medical studies, if not for the weight loss concerns, this rate of weight drop can be due to underlying health problems. A good calorie calculator would advise you about the recommended amount.

Since this process seems complicated, there is no perfect solution to resolve weight loss or gain issues.

Moreover, as explained earlier, calories are differently dispatched from different types of food sources and again, it breaks down to the kind of macronutrients that are getting into the body such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

If the number of calories burned by the body is more than that of the number of calories that have been supplied to your body due to food or fluid consumption, then apparently you would lose weight.

On the other hand, if the number of calories consumed by you from the food intake is greater than the number of calories that you have spent, then you are bound to put on more weight over the time.

Though it looks very simple, the implementation part is very tough and would largely vary from person to person.

A calorie calculator would do this job for you by noting down the food type and quantity that was consumed by you followed by the physical activities performed by you.

Finally, a calorie calculator would put those numbers through various equations and display the net calories for the day.


Calorie Balance: Influencing factors

The best and idealistic way to maintain a perfect calorific balance is to have a proper diet and sufficient exercise. This alone is sufficient to the maximum extent.

However, the scenario changes quickly, if one of your primary goals is to gain weight or lose some.

For another variety of people, the aim might be to reduce the belly fat.

Belly fat is yet another important issue for most of them, as it creates an air of embarrassment when moving around in the public and it can add different levels of discomfort on a personal scale too.

Someone with a big belly might also struggle to sleep peacefully or walk confidently.

In all such cases, a calorie calculator can be of great use because the calorie calculator takes into consideration about these needs of yours.

If weight loss is the sole intention of yours, then you must also take note of the point that any attempt by you to reduce the calorie intake to such a low level that there is less than 1000 calories supply to your body per day would be working quite the opposite way to your expectations.

Entire body metabolism would come down as a consequence of your extremely low levels of calorie supply to the body. Consuming food such that the calorie intake is less than 1000 would lead to loss of 0.9 Kg/ 2 Pounds per week and this also implies that there is a muscle loss in the body.

Sustainability becomes a new challenge for you, as health issues such as dehydration slowly creep into the body and would further damage your health. Insufficient calories would also affect your neurological activities and the brain would be at the suffering end.

People largely believe that doing heavy exercises for a long period every day would pace up the weight loss process but it is indeed a myth. Although physical activities do contribute to weight loss, its stake is significantly lower than expected.

At the end of the day, it is the number of calories that are left out after subtracting calories consumed from the calories spent, which would influence the weight accumulation.

A calorie calculator would be more effective in helping you track the number of calories you are consuming and the number of calories that you are spending.

Thus, you will have a larger picture of what should be your next line of actions in the process of losing weight.

In this modern age, smartphones are present with the majority of the people around the world.

Technologies have advanced to such a level that the tools such as a calorie calculator are readily available as apps.

You could find these apps on the mobile phone in a Play store if the OS of your phone android and on the App store if the operating system is iOS.

These calorie calculator apps even help you to analyze what kind of exercises would be appropriate for you.

A calorie calculator facility is also available online and you can access them by using a web browser.

Do you know that a calorie calculator is a very impactful and helpful tool in assessing your daily calories intake and calories spent.

Thus, a calorie calculator is necessary if gaining or losing weight is one of the prime benefits that you are expecting.


Formulas and Maths: Equations for calories

One of the earliest scientific equations that have been put into use for counting calories is the Harris-Benedict Equation. This equation calculates BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).

Basal metabolic rate, in a layman’s context, is defined to be the energy that would be spent by an endothermic animal that is lying in a rest position per unit of time.

The equation had undergone few changes in the year 1984 and was widely accepted as a standard equation until the advent of Mifflin-St Jeor equation in 1990.

Below is the equation of Harris-Benedict Equation after revision.

BMR for men:

BMR = (13.397 x Body weight in Kg) + (4.799 x Body height in cm) – (5.677 x Age) + 88.362

BMR for women:

BMR = (9.247 x Body weight in Kg) + (3.098 x Body height in cm) – (4.330 x Age) + 447.593

This equation was shown to be failing in terms of accuracy when compared with the Mifflin-St Jeor equation although both equations were calculating the same parameter which is BMR.

BMR for men:

BMR = (10 x Body weight in Kg) + (6.25 x Body height in cm) – (5 x Age) + 5

BMR for women:

BMR = (10 x Body weight in Kg) + (6.25 x Body height in cm) – (5 x Age) -161

Then again, we have yet another equation, that works bit differently than the above mentioned two equations. Katch McArdle formula takes into account, the lean mass of the body and evaluates an equation to find out the Resting Daily Energy Expenditure (RDEE).

Of these available equations, Mifflin-St Jeor equation has got a good name of being very accurate while Katch McArdle formula holds a good stake given that one should be aware of their body fat percentage.

BMR = 370 + 21.6 x (1 – Body Fat percentage) x (Body weight in Kg)

A good calorie calculator would make use of these equations proportionately and present a good analysis of the result thus obtained.


Calorie Calculator: Types

Tracking the number of calories is quite easy if a calorie calculator is used. Yet, depending upon the needs, one may need to narrow down the choices.

This will ensure that you are right on the track without any confusion as any information other than what you need, would just put you off the track from achieving your goals.

Subsections that follow this text are brief descriptions of each of these calorie calculators and you may use one that suits your needs.

Recipe Calorie calculator

If you are a type of person who would like to try out new recipes found on the internet or a TV show and yet, you are too health-conscious, a recipe calorie counter would be perfect fit for you.

Efforts from your side include entering the ingredients that will be used in making the recipe.

By doing this frequently, you will become aware of which ingredients contain high calories and which one contains low calories.

Apart from getting informed of the calorie content of the recipe, you will also get to understand what nutrients does the recipe offer.


Calorie counter

Counting the number of calories you are consuming may appear to be an easy task by just adding the calorific value from each of the food item that you ate.

You would be relieved to do this tedious job with the help of a calorie counter.

A calorie counter, apart from doing the job of counting the calories consumed and spent, would also help in recommending your ideal intake based on the weight and body fat percentage.

There are websites and mobile phone applications that do the tasks of a calorie counter and you can just sit and relax while the computation job is getting done by the tool.


Weight loss calculator

Weight loss calculator is a kind of calorie calculator that helps you determine what is your rate of decrease in the weight and will also advise you on how much calories should you consume per day to reach your weight target.

It has features that will help both men and women to determine their calorie intake to attain the goal within the specific time. It requires key details such as age, height, current weight, and the time span to achieve the desired weight.

You can safely follow the diet consumption limits by using this calorie calculator.


Food Calorie calculator

A special kind of calorie calculator that contains a lot of information about each of the food item and the brand products that sell eatables. The data also spans details of the nutrition values such as amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other essentials present in that particular food source that’s being queried.


Exercise Calorie Calculator

An exercise calorie calculator is a special type of calorie calculator which gives a solid information about the calories spent by your body while performing a particular exercise for specific amount of time.

What’s more special about this calorie calculator is that it has a great detail about all types of physical activities and thereby can help you determine exactly how much calories were burned during the process.

Swimming, running, yoga, jogging, aerobics, jumping, skipping, dancing, football, bowling, ironing, lawn mowing, rugby and cricket are some of them listed in the activities group of an exercise calorie calculator.


Running Calorie Calculator

A running calorie calculator is a slight variant of the exercise calorie calculator. In this particular calorie calculator, it specialises wholly in running activity and it is the only one supported.

Yet, in a running calorie calculator, there is a lot of information being analyzed and displayed regarding the running activity.

It lets you know how many calories have been spent by you for the one mile you have walked or jogged.

In addition to display of the calories burned by the body for the activity, it also shows speed, distance that has been covered, and a graph of calories spent against time.

Thus, running calorie calculator is dedicated to running activity and shows everything in detail regarding sprinting.


Calorie deficit calculator

A calorie deficit calculator, unlike a normal calorie calculator, takes into account, only the calories consumed by you or spent by you in comparison with your weight.

Based on the analysis done by it using certain equations, it usually suggests how much calories would you require more or the number of calories that needs to be reduced.

Calorie deficit calculator narrows the vast amount of information otherwise available with a normal calorie calculator.


There are furthermore calorie calculator in this exhaustive list such as calorie burn calculator, calorie intake calculator, maintenance calorie calculator, calorie calculator for weight loss, and calorie-burning calculator.

All these calorie calculator, as their name suggests, are designed in such a way that they perform that single specialized activities.

You may use any one of the calorie calculator that you think suits your needs and calculations.


Safe and Ideal method for Weight Loss: Zigzag Cycle

Normally, to reduce weight, given the equations and theoretical data, one would try to reduce the calorie intake so that the net calorie value remains positive when calorie consumption is subtracted from the calories burnt. It may seem to be a linear pattern but there is a catch with this approach.

Once you start reducing your diet and thus, subsequently your calorie intake, the body will get accustomed to this new habit of yours. This means that the body would start to use the available low-calorie content effectively.

Thus, after a prolonged time, the food quantity that was consumed by you would no longer help in reducing the weight but rather helps maintain it at the same level. This condition is popularly known as weight loss plateau.

We counter this kind of scenario with an approach called the Zigzag cycle. To explain this simply, we can take the help of an example. Let’s assume that the target calories for a week are 12,000.

The routine approach would be to divide calorie intake into equal portions and then consume 1715 calories daily. With this kind of process, the body will start to adapt to the 1715 calorie cap for day.

This implies that if at all there is a slight decrease in body weight, any change in the number of calories would affect the body by huge margins. Instead, in a zigzag cycle, one should alter the number of calories daily.

According to this strategy, a few days of your week must contain a diet that has a high amount of calories and the remaining days, diet shall be filled with a low number of calories.

A calorie calculator for weight loss would be of great importance in this kind of context.

Sticking with the aforementioned example, one shall consume 2300 calories on some days and 1500 calories on other days and still maintain the net calorie intake as 12,000 by the end of the week.

Remember, the numbers are for demonstration purposes only. However, the actual numbers ultimately depend upon you.

A calorie counter would help you to do this job in a better and impactful manner.


Better ways to stay safe and healthy

Using a calorie calculator would ensure a safe game for most of the time. Yet, it becomes necessary for any individual to understand what would account for a healthy life.

As per the health guidelines, daily intake of calories must not be any lesser than 1800 for men and 1200 for women.

Above this, your lean muscle mass and body fat percentages take a significant part in determining an optimal calorie limit on the lower end.

At the same time, when weight loss is the goal, a reduction of 500 calories per meal should be the upper cap on the rate. Anything more than that would mean high risk and welcoming health problems.

A calorie calculator such as maintenance calorie calculator or calorie burning calculator would work very precisely for these kind of requirements.

You must do the exercises regularly. Cardio training is a must to stay fit and healthy.

Occasionally, you may manipulate the number of macronutrients for consumption as that would be more beneficial to body metabolism.

Mix up your diet with high-calorie food.

Taking a proper diet and regular and adequate exercises or physical activities can help you to keep a healthy mind and body. A calorie calculator like calorie calculator for weight loss or calorie burn calculator must accompany you to tightly monitor your goals and progress.

Add more proteins to your diet. This can be helpful in many ways. Proteins induce a feeling of fullness. As a result of this, your diet will be limited. On the other hand, proteins also help in improving body metabolism.

Refrain from drinking juices, chocolate milk, carbonated drinks as they contain a high dosage of sugars. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water in sufficient amounts.

Cut off your excessive hunger and avoid too much starvation. A calorie calculator has a lot of data regarding the calorific values of these products and thus, using a calorie calculator for food intake would be effective and extremely beneficial.

Good foods help us in staying well-nourished. Subsequently, body metabolism would be better and therefore, decision-making abilities would improve at the best rate.

People who are deprived of a good balance of calories are more likely to suffer from a variety of illnesses, one of which includes depression and anxiety.

Healthy foods as claimed by brands worldwide must be consumed in limited amounts as nothing can be believed blindly.

Some products contain labels of zero fat and they should be considered with caution as most of the time, manufacturers compensate the bland taste that would be a result otherwise, by adding more sugars.

Thus, quality matters and to ensure your diet is filled with healthy calories, you need to pay a high level of attention by entering and checking the outcomes of a calorie calculator.

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