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Top Sexy Ways To Improve Your NOSE PIERCING

Nose Piercing

NOSE PIERCING:: This Is What Professionals Do

The practice of nose piercing has become so probable that 19% of the women and 15% of men in the US have a pierced nose. Well, the antiphon of the given query depends totally upon which part of the world we are talking about.

For example, in countries like India, it is so common that even a kind of nose ring called NATHLI  is made especially for married women.

It is a culture in many parts of India that a married woman should have a pierced nose, but the practice is so common that most of the Indian girls have a pierced nose.

The tradition of nose piercing is not a modern one. It has strong roots in the past also. It is believed that originally, the practice of nose piercing started 44,000 BC back in Australia.

At that time, they used to sport the petite bones of inanimate animals, and then the gold and silver jewellery took the place of the bones of lifeless creatures. From there, the idea has been spread out in other parts of the world.


One more historic proof of nose piercing can be seen in the hoary artform of India where queens are shown sporting huge nose rings called NATHLIS as cited above. From there, it was pretended that the NATHLIS are souvenirs of the queens.

Hence, this became the primary reason to show the MAHABHARATA and RAMAYANA (holy books of Hindu religion) queens DRAUPADI and SITA wearing NATHLIS in the historic Indian dramas.

From there, it excited more crowds towards it.

People liked it and hence the trend of nose piercing became prominent.

Also, as I asserted above that in many parts of India, nose piercing is the cultural practice of showing that the girl is married.

But this practice not only has a cultural background with India only.

It does have a relation with the people of tribal communities of Australia who live in the islands of Tasmania, Fraser Island, Hinchinbrook Island, Tiwi Islands, and Groote Eylandt.

These people are often called Aboriginal Australians or Indigenous Australians.

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Nowadays, the craze of nose piercing is on trade. It is becoming preeminent day by day.

Models with a pierced nose are in soaring demand. Their look is acknowledged for the front pages of the magazine. If one writes about fashion or has a fashion brand, then he needs a model of that kind that can gain the attention of the people.

That’s why their big photos are on the front page.

These photos are even bigger than the text written on them.

They are likely to hire a model with more details to be captured by the target audience so that she can be more and more noticed by the people.

And it is true that many of us are more judgemental about the pictures in magazines or books.

Hence, a model with a vertical tip or rhino pierced nose, wearing a huge silver-colored ring in a black dress will acquire more attention as compared to the one without a pierced nose in the same dress.

Types of Nose Piercings

Nose Piercing, are of many types such as Nostril Piercing, Bridge Piercing, High Nostril Piercing, Double Nostril Piercing, Triple Nostril Piercing, Septril Piercing, Vertical tip (rhino piercing), Austin Bar Nose Piercing and Nasallang Piercing.

Nostril Piercing
Bridge Piercing
High Nostril Piercing,
Double Nostril Piercing
Triple Nostril Piercing
Septril Piercing


This all depends upon person to person which kind of piercing they like the most.

Nose rings, nose screws, nose studs, nose bones and, many more other jewellery can be sported in the nose.

This can be made up of gold, silver, platinum, other high-quality metal.

Their base can be even made up of plastic. Hence, again it is the person’s choice what material he wants in his jewellery.
At the end, we can conclude that the trend of nose piercing is not a new one.

It has some links in the past also and from there, it spreaded to different parts of the world.

For some, it has cultural and historic importance, while for some it’s just a trend they are going with.


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