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Top 20 Benefits of Red Bananas

Red Bananas

For centuries, the world has not been aware of red bananas. Their cousins, the yellow bananas, are widely known and worldly consumed.

Bananas, in general, have essential health benefits to our bodies. The high level of nutrients they contain is vital to the growth, development, and healthy functioning of our organs.

The red banana, however, contains more of these nutrients than the commonly known yellow banana.

Otherwise known as Dhaka banana, this native Indian and Southern Asia fruit has found its bearings in the western world. Most Western counties now grow the fruit believed to have a host of health benefits.

So what benefits do these extraordinary fruits bring


Increased Immune Development

The red banana is rich in beta carotene and Vitamin C.

While beta carotene by itself is not beneficial, our body converts it to Vitamin A, an essential nutrient that helps in the normal functions of the body.

Vitamin A helps in the development and maintenance of the mucus membrane. The mucus membrane is responsible for protecting the body from bacteria and other infections.

This Vitamin is also helpful in increasing our hemoglobin, white, and red blood cell levels. The white blood cells help the body fight diseases.


Helps you to stop smoking

Believe it or not, but doctors do recommend consumptions of red bananas to help their patients stop smoking. The fruit is believed to help control the use of nicotine.

Potassium and Magnesium are minerals that can help the body to deal with the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

During the first few weeks of smoking cessation, the body will be physically and psychologically stressed.

The intense cravings of nicotine will lead to stress and anxiety. You may also go through nausea and headaches, coupled with intense feelings of irritability, aggression, mood swings, and even depression.

But if you set your mind on quitting smoking, eating a red banana as a substitute will help ease these crazy feelings.


Prevents and treats Anaemia

Anemia is a severe condition that can be deadly if not treated properly. The disease is a result of the body not having enough iron.

The body needs iron to make hemoglobin, a part of the red blood cell that carries oxygen from the lungs and distributes it to other parts of the body.

Red bananas are a rich source of vitamin B-6. This Vitamin is much needed by the body to build hemoglobin. Eating a generous amount of red bananas will help you fight off and even cure this deadly disease.


Good for your Kidney

Your kidneys need to function well for you to have a healthy life. Having potassium in your body will significantly help with your kidney functions.

Constituting red bananas in your diet will help you avoid the risk of having kidney complications.


Grows and strengthens your bones

Taking red bananas will help you to retain calcium in your body. Calcium is good for the growth of your bones and is essential in keeping them healthy.

Red Banana is good for children and old age people. The children are still growing; therefore, they need all the nutrients that will help in the growth of strong bones.

Older adults, especially those over 50-years of age, should also be encouraged to eat more red bananas.

At least two pieces of the fruit daily will help them regain lost calcium as older people tend to lose this vital mineral as they age. Their bones grow weaker, too, because of this loss.


Boosts your metabolism

Metabolism is the process by which your body converts the food you have eaten into energy. Red Bananas are rich in Vitamin B-6 that support a healthy metabolic function.

With an excellent metabolic function, you will have steady energy levels throughout the day. Efficient metabolism is also essential for weight loss.


It helps you lose weight

One red banana contains 90 calories. An average healthy human being needs at least 2,000 calories per day to maintain their weight. This means you can take as many red bananas as you like without feeling guilty about adding weight.

These bananas are also rich in fibers.

Fibers are not only suitable for a regular bowel movement, but they also make you feel full. It is then easier to cut down on calories because it is highly unlikely you will feel hungry after taking a red banana.


Cures piles

The high levels of fiber found in red bananas are vital for a regular bowel movement. If you regularly suffer from constipation, increasing your intake of red bananas is advisable.

A diet rich in fiber will help to quickly push down your food through the digestive tract without too much effort.

By easing your digestive system, the fruit can, therefore, help get rid of piles or hemorrhoids as they are commonly called.

Eating one red banana every day after a meal will significantly be beneficial in improving your digestive system.

Kids with constipation problems should be encouraged to consume this fruit instead of using laxatives. A red banana taken in its natural form for a period will get rid of constipation completely.


Boosts your energy levels

Red bananas contain the sugars; glucose, fructose, and sucrose. These sugars provide a quick boost of energy when needed. They also offer a slower controlled release of energy throughout your day.


Good for the eyes

Some people suffer from night blindness. The older generation is prone to decline in vision as they age.

You can get this Vitamin A from the beta carotene found in red bananas. Your eyesight will not only be improved, but the risk of having night blindness and declining vision as you age will be minimized.


Treats heartburn

A number of people complain of heartburn after eating bananas. The red banana can help you combat this complication.

The fruit has an anti-acid effect that will help to soothe your upset stomach. It may even solve the heartburn problem once and for all, when you incorporate it in your daily diet.


Good for your heart

The red banana can help lower your high blood pressure hence decreasing the risk of heart failure and stroke.

Sodium has adverse side effects on the body. Too much sodium increases your blood pressure.

Potassium, which is found in red bananas, counteracts the effects of sodium.


Clean blood

It helps in increasing Hb.

Hb moves blood with oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body.

Regular formation of new red blood cells ensures your blood is purer.


Good for your mood

It’s incredible to imagine, but red bananas can improve your mood.

Vitamin B-6 in the body transforms tryptophan into serotonin, a “feel-good” hormone.

The hormone will decrease the risk of you having depressed moods.


Lowers your risk of getting cancer

Foods that are rich in beta carotene are known for preventing chronic illnesses like cancer. This is because beta carotene is an oxidant, and oxidants are substances that inhibit the oxidation of other molecules, which in turn protects the body from free radicles.

It is these free radicles that will lead to you developing a chronic illness.

Taking foods rich in Vitamin A in the form of beta carotene will help decrease your chances of getting certain types of cancers such as lung, cervical, and bladder cancers and even Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

An adequate amount of two to three red bananas a day will decrease your risk of getting colon cancer.


Lowers the chances of getting Acne

Acne is a discomfort that may leave you feeling very self-conscious. Though not painful, the emotional turmoil that comes about with Acne may depress you.

The vitamin A is found in red bananas, so taking plenty of this fruit may just reduce your risk of contracting Acne.

The red banana is also associated with healthy skin, and healthy skin means Acne free skin.


Good for your skin

When consumed, red bananas are very beneficial to your health, both internally and externally. They will ensure you get the most out of the rich nutrients they have.

A healthy body will show through glowing, youthful skin.

The high levels of antioxidants in red bananas keep your skin tight and elastic, thus preventing it from immature aging.

These antioxidants protect the skin from oxygen free radicals that cause wrinkles.

Red bananas also have up to 75 percent water weight. The water will help you to naturally hydrate your skin, thereby protecting it from drying and peeling off.

However, these beautiful fruits are also excellent for your body when applied externally.

Using the red banana as a face mask will clear off impurities and help in getting a smoother freshly looking skin.

You can create your face mask by mixing mashed red bananas with powdered oats and a few drops of honey. Apply it to the face, let it dry then wash off.


Good for your hair

The red banana is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, natural oils, and potassium.

These nutrients contribute to softening the hairs and protecting their natural elasticity, which helps in preventing split ends and breakages.

The red bananas also control dandruff development in your hair.

Prepare a hair treatment with red bananas and get a healthier, shinier, and bouncy hair.

Mix sesame or almond oil to your mashed red banana and coconut. Add a few teaspoons of lemon and apply to the hair.

The outcome is impressive.


Morning Sickness

Yes, indeed, you heard, right. Eating red bananas daily may help you to take care of morning sickness. Pregnant women are often advised to take the fruit to help them combat nausea and vomiting.

It is also beneficial to the growth and development of the baby as it contains the required nutrients for a successful pregnancy.


Cures Ulcers

The red banana may help you to cure ulcers. Bananas, in general, promote cell growth within the inner stomach lining to generate mucus.

The mucus helps safeguard the stomach against acid.

The bananas also contain protease inhibitors. These help to remove bacteria from the stomach, which are the main course of ulcers.


Bottom Line

Red bananas are delicious. Coupled with the aroma of strawberry and taste of raspberry, they are appealing to the senses.

These qualities make the fruit easy to incorporate into your daily diet.

Feeding your toddler with this beautiful fruit will not be a fight because it is easy to eat.

And there are many ways of consuming the fruit. You can just peel off the red banana and eat it. You can also roast, bake or saute’ it. Another way is by making a smoothie with it.

Or better still, just make a fruit salad comprising of red bananas, berries, and citrus fruits of which lemon is the best.

Apart from all these, the red banana combined with pork or chicken and even black beans constitutes an excellent meal.

The number of ways to get this nutritious fruit into your system is so many making it easy to consume. You cannot quickly get tired of eating the fruit if you vary the ways of consuming it.

Your family and especially the kids will, therefore, gain from the nutritive value of this fruit without the fear of it being monotonous.

All in all, red bananas are suitable for your body’s internal use as well as external use. Constituting the fruits in your daily diet is hugely beneficial to your body.

Applying red banana externally to your body also helps you have a healthy glowing skin and hair.


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