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Snake diet: The 15 Secrets You Will Never Know About Snake Diet

Snake diet

A perfect lifestyle is what everybody dreams of. People are looking for various ways to live a healthy and fit life that would help them go ahead with a stress-free attitude. In this new era, the snake diet helps you to keep your body fit and fine.

Though sticking to a proper diet is a very annoying job, still, there are plenty of alternatives available online to help you stay fit at the same time, allowing you to take food that you love with no restrictions.

So the term diet is no more about sacrificing your favorite meal or bites. But an encouraging self-analyzing mechanism that lets you enjoy the process of your weight loss goals. This article highlights the importance of a snake diet.

The term may sound new to you, but this article will guide you through one of the trending diet plans that might be useful to you. 

The nutritionist and dietitians have come up with result-fetching weight loss solutions that had created a craze among the people. Staying fit with diet and exercise has become a vogue, and hence it is important to read and learn more before choosing your diet chart & diet plan.

The snake diet is nothing but a fasting-based diet plan that justifies proactive eating routines. It does not promote itself as a restrictive meal plan, rather it is like a self-chosen lifestyle that is centered on prolonged fasting.

The Snake diet is based on the fact that humans endured great famines and periods of depression.

Hence it is believed that the human body could adapt itself to having only one meal a few times a week. The snake diet insists on the fact that we are food-centered rather than body-centered, so by following a snake diet your body adapts to modern living by fasting and following proactive eating. 

Snake diet: The 15 Secrets You Will Never Know About Snake Diet

Following a snake diet, you get used to a lifestyle that will make you understand how your body metabolizes food burns fat, and treats itself at a cellular level.

Cole Robinson, who claims to be a fasting coach with no certified qualification, introduced the snake diet formula.

According to Cole Robinson, a snake diet must begin with an initial fast for 48 hours or longer than by taking only supplements like snake Juice which is an electrolyte beverage.

After which you can have food for 1-2 hours before beginning the next fast. According to Robinson, once it achieves the weight loss goal, we could practice a snake diet in a cycle by now and then survive on one meal every 24 to 48 hours. 

As this method is not scientifically proven, it’s better to follow this diet under the supervision of a physician.

Though a snake diet looks like a rigorous fasting procedure, in reality, it’s like reframing your eating habits and your standard meal pattern. While following a snake diet, one needs to make sure that only snake juice should be taken as a supplement during fasting hours.

There is always a variation in the guideline of Robinson as he doesn’t stick to a standard rule. The only thing that he insists is the consumption of snake juice during fasting. 

The snake juice recipe comprises the following ingredients. As the snake diet relies heavily on this snake juice, it is vital to know the snake juice recipe. 

Ingredients needed to prepare snake juice

  • 8 cups of water (2 liters)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt (2 g)
  • 1 teaspoon of salt-free potassium chloride (5g)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of food-grade Epsom salts (2g)

This snake juice that is consumed as an alternate of food, contains a huge amount of 4000 mg of sodium, which is almost twice the amount that one should consume per day. This could lead to health issues like high blood pressure or ailments related to the kidney. 

According to Sarah Pflugrad, a registered dietitian in “St-Louis”, fasting for 12 to 18 hours has some scientifically proven good results in weight loss, but she contradicts fasting at a stretch of 22 hours and more than that. 

She states that such fasting is an extreme activity that will deprive the essential nutrients, which would make people cranky and constipated.

But According to Robinson, a newcomer to snake diet need not attain over 3,500 calories per week. Based on the study, the U. S department of agriculture (USDA) recommends people take 1,600 – 2,400 calories for women and 2,000-3,000 calories for men a day.

So women need the 11,200 -16,800 calories per week and men need the 14,000-21,000 calories per week.

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As this is an important factor, following Robinson’s snake diet might put you at the risk of facing calorie deprivation. 

But Robinson states that, once the goal weight is achieved, the person can start taking 8,500 calories per week distributed over 5 meals. For women, he recommends 20,000 calories per week.

One more important thing about the snake diet is that, throughout the diet, it is highly recommended to measure the amount of ketone present in the blood with the help of a urine strip.

It’s important to measure ketone during a snake diet. The term ketosis is a metabolic state that results from prolonged fasting, starvation, low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet. During ketosis, the body burns fat instead of glucose, which is also known as blood sugar. 

In the Snake diet, there are 3 different phases that one needs to follow once the decision is taken. As this diet involves greater risk, they must follow every instruction with utmost care to avoid any ailments.

Keep in mind that you are going too fast for long hours, no matter how long you work or how long you stay at home.

Hence, you need to first get mentally prepared to take up the challenge of losing weight.

Is The Snake Diet Healthy?

The Snake Diet is a controversial diet that involves extended periods of fasting and the consumption of a limited selection of foods. The diet is based on the belief that humans should eat like snakes, who consume large meals followed by periods of fasting.

There is limited scientific evidence to support the health benefits of the Snake Diet, and there are concerns about its potential risks. Extended fasting can lead to nutrient deficiencies and dehydration, and the limited selection of foods may not provide adequate nutrition. Additionally, the diet’s extreme approach may be difficult to sustain over the long term and may lead to disordered eating behaviors.

Overall, it’s important to approach any new diet or lifestyle change with caution and to consult a healthcare professional before making any significant changes to your eating habits. A balanced and varied diet, including a wide range of nutrient-dense foods, is generally considered the most healthy approach to nutrition.

The 3 stages of the snake diet are :

Snake Diet Stage 1:

As a newcomer, during your initial fast, you must maintain your ketosis with a regular check-up. As a first step of the initial fast, one should last for 48 hours by taking only the supplements recommended by Robinson like snake juice and apple cider vinegar.

After which food can be consumed for 1- 2 hours, but there are no guidelines on what to eat and what to omit.

This fasting can be practiced until you get rid of the fear and phobia of fasting. Once this target is achieved, you can then move on to the next level of the snake diet. 

Snake Diet Stage 2 :

In the next level, you will fast for 72 hours and the goal here is to detoxify your liver. But there is no information on what kind of toxins will be removed. After fasting the toxins are sure to leave your liver, kidneys naturally through urine, sweat, and feces.

In stage two, once you get used to 72 hours of fasting, you are encouraged to extend the total hours between 48-96 hours. The fast then can be braked with a single meal as per the instruction listed in the above step.

To avoid health risks, it is advised not to extend the fasting period for over 72 hours. Contact a doctor during a snake diet plan and get your health monitored on a regular basis. Stick on to this plan until you reach your desired weight. 

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Snake Diet Stage 3 :

Once the desired goal is achieved in the last step, you can begin to respond to your hunger by maintaining the 24-48 hour fasting and take a break by having single meals. At this stage, you are expected to respond to your natural hunger. Along with the snake juice, you can also take your regular food as a response to your hunger. 

This type of fasting is also referred to as the garter snake diet, as it is a harmless way to reduce weight at the same time by responding to your hunger.

As snake diet is based on ignoring our alertness to the hunger hues, this step might look contradictory but with practice it is possible.

Things to do before taking up snake diet:

Before you follow these 3 stages, it is better to consult with a physician. If you are so keen about following a snake diet, you can go for a whole body checkup. Check your vitals, blood sugar level, blood pressure level, and other necessary checks.

Diets like keto, paleo, zone diet, and weight watchers diet are considered being safe to an extent, but the snake diet has no such positive reviews like other diets.

There are very few people who support the snake diet saying that it has no side effects. So it’s better to consult with a nutritionist and dietitian before you start working on it. 

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Why snake diet is risky?

Because of prolonged fasting, the hormones Leptin and Ghrelin that induce hunger might get altered. So again this might change the total structure plan of your food habits and body functioning, hence there are possibilities that it creates adverse effects on your health.

Both the Snake diet and the garter snake diet completely rely on prolonged starvation and it does not promote healthy eating habits. Thought it can produce results, once when the diet is stopped it can lead to massive weight gain. 

Following the Snake, diet intrudes on the participation in the workplace, family and personal life.

The human body is built in such a way that the regular intake of food will meet its nutrients and energy that one needs.

Every human needs nutrients, vitamins, protein, fat, and minerals which is preset in the food taken because the body cannot produce on its own. So when this process is disturbed with prolonged fasting, there is a risk of getting exposed to ailments.

How effective is the snake diet?

As the body relies on energy stores, fasting and restricting calories can definitely lead to weight loss.  The main functioning of the body is to burn fat and lean the muscle mass so that the organs in the body stay nourished, helping us to survive.

With snake diet, the functioning of the body gets damaged as there is no proper intake of food, and it might result in dangerous weight loss, sometimes it might even lead to anorexia.

Snake diet is promisingly effective and it can help you lose tremendous amount of fat and weight, but it is equally harmful to health, so a proper check-up before and after taking up the diet is really a wise decision. When you fast you lose 2 pounds i.e. 0.9 kg on average per day for the first 7 days.

This will gradually move on to 0.7  pounds (0.3) kg per day by the end of the third week. According to the recent studies conducted by centers of disease control and prevention (CDC) the safest level to lose weight is between 1-2 pounds per week. 

Another significant thing about weight loss is, having a healthy and well-established diet plan coupled with regular physical activity and it is considered as the best and the safest way to stay fit and strong.

A snake diet might seem like an interesting way to reduce weight. There are thousands of people who are touting and vouching for a snake diet on Instagram and on social media pages, despite the warnings from many medical experts.

They are claiming that the snake diet helped them to reduce 16 pounds in two weeks and so.   

Diets that involve cutting down calories drastically will definitely cause weight loss. But the whole point in the diet is making the body gets adapted to healthy eating habits that make one life sustainable and energetic.

But the snake diet does not do such kind of transformation, what it does is entirely different from other kinds of diet plans.

As snake diet and garter snake diet insist upon changing one’s eating habits like that of snakes, this theory will not be suitable for humans, as the total structure and metabolic activity of both the snake and human differs to a great extent.

The eating habits of snakes depends on the digestive system that is created especially for them, so following the eating habits like that of snakes will not help at any cost.

If you wish to reduce your weight, you need to do complete research before picking your choice of diet. More than picking a diet plan that is trending and popular, it’s better to choose a diet good for your health.

Snake diet might look great for people who are craving for the best diet plan to reduce weight in a very short time, but are you ready to take up such a risk by totally changing the metabolic structure of your body?

Losing weight and staying fit is a desire, and it is not a necessity unless you have a health issue. So it is very important that you think about all the risk factors behind a snake diet.

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Snake Diet Rules:

The Snake Diet is a type of fasting diet that involves prolonged periods of fasting and limited food intake. Here are some of the basic rules of the Snake Diet:

  1. Extended Fasting: The Snake Diet involves extended periods of fasting, typically ranging from 48 hours to several days. During this time, you are not allowed to consume any food, but you are encouraged to drink water, black coffee, and tea.

  2. Re-feed Periods: After an extended fast, you are allowed to have a “re-feed” period, during which you can consume a small amount of food. This typically involves high-fat, low-carbohydrate foods, such as meat, eggs, and avocado.

  3. Electrolytes: To prevent dehydration and maintain proper electrolyte balance during fasting, the Snake Diet emphasizes the use of electrolyte supplements. These supplements typically include sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

  4. No Snacking: In between re-feed periods, you are not allowed to snack or consume any calories. This means that you are only consuming food during your designated re-feed periods.

  5. No Cheating: The Snake Diet requires strict adherence to the fasting and re-feed periods, and cheating is not allowed. Any deviation from the rules is considered a failure and may require starting over.

It’s important to note that while some people may experience weight loss on the Snake Diet, it is not a sustainable or healthy approach to weight loss. The human body needs a balanced and varied diet to function properly, and prolonged periods of fasting can lead to a variety of health problems, including nutrient deficiencies, muscle loss, and dehydration. It’s always recommended to speak with a healthcare professional before starting any new diet or weight loss program.

Snake Diet Risk

The Snake Diet is a type of fasting diet that involves prolonged periods of fasting and limited food intake. The diet was created by Canadian Cole Robinson, and it involves consuming only a small amount of food every few days, typically in the form of high-fat, low-carbohydrate foods.

Supporters of the Snake Diet claim that it can lead to rapid weight loss, increased energy levels, improved mental clarity, and various other health benefits. However, the safety and effectiveness of the diet have been questioned by many health experts.

While some people may experience weight loss on the Snake Diet, it is not a sustainable or healthy approach to weight loss. The human body needs a balanced and varied diet to function properly, and prolonged periods of fasting can lead to a variety of health problems, including nutrient deficiencies, muscle loss, and dehydration.

Additionally, the Snake Diet promotes unhealthy attitudes towards food and body image, and it may lead to disordered eating patterns in some people. It is important to speak with a healthcare professional before starting any new diet or weight loss program, and to prioritize sustainable and healthy approaches to weight loss.

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As dietitian insist that a short period of fasting is good for weight loss goals, one can stick on to such kind of short time fasting by regularly taking food after every interval. But prolonged fasting is not advisable.

 The snake juice is not a better supplement for fasting as it contains too much salt. 
Be it a snake diet or garter snake diet think twice before finding the best diet plan for you.   






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