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25-Weight loss tips- That Actually Works

Weight loss tips

We all like it when someone notices us and turns their heads to look at us. But when the heads are turned for all the wrong reasons, such as someone being overweight, it’s never fun.

Society has always been obsessed with being healthy and looking fit. Innumerable programs and products are showcased on a regular basis that enables people to lose weight. The total turnover of the fitness industry in India, either naturally through Gym or artificial through Surgical procedures account for at least $1.46 Million.

With organizations like Vibes, VLCC and other fitness led organizations this industry has seen a new dawn with India, where the people are shifting from to a healthier lifestyle, from traditional lifestyle where people have a tendency to lead a comfortable lifestyle and women most of the time used to be in the kitchen with a static lifestyle.

Weight loss tips- This statement itself carries quite a gravity to pique up the client’s curiosity. At least 60% of the Indian population are trying hard or is making an effort to lose weight.

Weight loss tips for beginners’, ’10 quick weight loss tips to lose weight within a week’, ‘With this drink, he lost 5 kgs in a month, click to see his weight loss tip’; with advertisements such as this, people are falling prey to harmful practices and trying unreviewed products in order to lose weight.

As this industry is going crazier by the minute with people becoming self- conscious with each passing day, you will find ‘weight loss tips’ in almost every nook & corner of the internet.

In most sites, often you will find a small pop up window, advertisement or an article on weight loss tips. This pressure is already enough to make people sit up and notice.

To top it all comes the age of social media which puts issues such as being overweight, confidence issues etc under the spotlight followed by various weight loss tips.

With the advent of Instagram, Facebook and the storm of the selfie trend, people are becoming more and more conscious of how they look. Hence, people are readily accepting weight loss tips in any shape and form like cleansing, fasting and outrageously appalling diets

But why do we need to lose weight? Isn’t the slogan nowadays, ‘love yourself the way you are’? Then why do we have to reduce weight to fit the bill for others?

Well, it’s quite true that, people in almost all cultures are pressurised to look a certain way and, being overweight is a strict no. But more than that, medically being overweight is also a strict no as it attracts morbid diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, fatty liver leading to consequential bad health.

With passing times, the food we consume has changed its definition from ‘healthy food’ to ‘convenient food’ and convenience comes at a cost. Here, the cost is; our health where the food has left most of us frail towards serious diseases.

Best weight loss tips:

One of the most valuable weight loss tips has been maintaining a balanced diet and inclusion of exercise. But, just like everything else, even weight loss has certain way to go about it and the weight loss tips that we have shared below are some which has been highly claimed ones:

  • First and foremost is exercise. Even in the most static lifestyles, some kind of exercise is very necessary to allow circulation of blood to break down food into energy. For blood to do this function, movement is an absolute necessity. Maybe a 30- minute brisk walking as a basic form of exercise will also do the job for overweight people during the start.
  • Eating less salt leads to less water retention, allowing the water weight to shed quickly.
  • Excluding sugar completely is one of the main weight loss tips, as refined white sugar leads to rapid weight gain leading to obesity.
  • Fibres and fruits are needed to be added on an everyday basis.
  • Chewing the food properly is one magical weight loss tip sworn by many. Chewing breaks down food into smaller particles allowing easy digestion
  • Drinking 2-3 Litres of water every day is one of the immensely helpful weight loss tips.
  • Eating a high protein diet, and reducing the intake of carbs is another way to reduce weight.
  • It’s not only what we eat that increases obesity or makes us overweight, it’s how we live too. The humdrum of work and life puts immense stress on us. This stress makes us stress eat or think too much leading to High BP. Hence, reducing the stress is one viable advice and an effective weight loss tip.

But weight loss tips differ for both men and women

Weight loss tips for men:

The demographics of the body of a man is different than the woman. When a man tries to lose weight, his focus is on building muscles and eye on core training of his body.

And why not? After all, it doesn’t hurt to work out for the sake of your body.

Gone are those days when losing weight was considered a passing fad. Now, losing weight and working out is a serious affair.


Let’s have a look at some of the tips that are specially designed for men to cope with their weight loss-

  • Eat every 4 hours to keep hunger pangs and binges away. This will also aid in your cholesterol level and works as an excellent weight loss tip.
  • The major meals for the day should be a balanced diet of proteins, carbs, and other vital essentials.
  • Not all fats are bad. There are some good fats too, like the low processed fats from fish, oil, seeds, etc.
  • Men usually tend to deposit more fat in the belly rather than any other part of the body. And carbs find a home in belly rather than any part. Hence, lessening the number of carbs and replacing them with proteins is also a very good way of keeping yourself satiated.
  • Setting realistic goals can probably be one of the most practical weight loss tips ever given. If the goals set are not realistic then it will lead to a lot of frustration leading to stress. This will set a vicious circle for an individual and the goal will be lost.
  • Watching your portion is another brilliant weight loss tip as gradually the body becomes accustomed to fewer portions.

Finally, exercising tops the list of weight loss tips for men. Light walks or exercise is very important for even the most stagnant lifestyles.

Weight loss tips for women:

Women have a very different. body type than men. Women tend to gain more weight on their lower half as well as their midriff. Many women despite being active have a hard time losing weight owing to different reasons like post-pregnancy weight, stubborn muscles, heredity etc. Listed below are some effective weight loss tactics for women.


  • Even though men work harder than women, the weight of looking after a household and children falls majorly on a woman. So, the stress factor for a woman is generally high as compared to a man. Hence, sleeping well is immensely required as sleep deprivation and overweight goes hand in hand.
  • Starting small really helps in every aspect. Be it a 15- minute walk or a smaller portion size or just eliminating carbs and sugar, starting small really helps.
  • The essence of dieting is not to give up the food we love but getting a better version of the food we love. If the food you love is heavy in calories then there has to be a healthier version to it too.
  • Eating early helps a lot. Eating at least 2 hours prior to bedtime is a cool way to stay low on weights. Eating early keeps the metabolism active thus preventing weight gain
  • Alcohol leads to weight gain much faster in women than men. So, if you are a party animal or someone who likes to celebrate every little thing with a glass of alcohol, exercising regularly is a must and one of the most effective & excellent weight loss tips.


Weight loss tips for teenagers:

The psyche of teenagers is the most difficult to handle. Their self-absorption and consciousness to fit in makes them believe in any and every kind of bizarre and atrocious diet.  With an era where looks take an upper hand, the life of overweight teens is possibly worse than hell with verbal abuse, bullying, and social isolation becoming an everyday thing. The pressure to look the part is not handled very well by many teenagers resulting in depression, dependence on artificial technologies to look good and lack of self- confidence.

However, one good thing about the teenage body is the flexibility and ability to adjust according to food habits and lifestyle changes.

Therefore, let’s have a look at few weight loss tips for teenagers without the dependence on some outrageous diet fads.

  • Exercise, a balanced diet and a change in attitude is what helps weight loss in teenagers. The teenagers are still in their growing stage and hence exercise and a balanced diet is a perfect weight loss tip.
  • Teenagers and fast food go hand in hand. Letting go of all the junk along with sugar is probably one of the most responsive weight loss tips.
  • SODA is one element that teenagers love. Even the slight shift of lifestyle from Soda to water will cut maximum calorie intake leading to a healthier lifestyle for teenagers.
  • Most of the time, teenagers are deep inside their phones and electronic media, isolated form everyone less. At such using the e media to create self- awareness and put an effort in the form of an exercises is one very healthy weight loss tips
  • One of the biggest blunders that teenagers do is cutting back on fats. This is a developmental phase for them and thus slacking on fats can lead to some serious damage.
  • Ditching fad diets and not skipping meals is probably the most efficient weight loss tips and favor to themselves.


Teenagers have a very complex body type and their consciousness makes it even harder to accept even tiny flaws. But going to excruciatingly painful lengths to achieve the desired body is like suicide. Hence a watchful eye over them by their parents could be another good tip.


Best tricks on weight loss tips:

There is no shortcut to weight loss. Any shortcut means bad news for the body because dieting for weight loss requires patience and dedication and rapid loss of weight by not eating is definitely a bad option.

Yes, the diet can be kick-started through some not so fad diets like the keto diet or the Dukan diet but that is just to enter your body in the state of losing weight. Exercise and changes in lifestyle are still a necessity to lose weight.

However, some tiny tricks can be observed for efficient weight loss:

  • Treat water as the elixir of life and drink it anywhere, anytime, everywhere, every time.
  • Use the mind to control your appetite. If less food is in front of you, you will tend to eat less.
  • Use the 70% rule as one of the greatest weight loss tips. Eat only 70% of your plate, walk around and drink a sip or two of water. Most of the tip that 70% we eat is enough to satiate us.
  • The use of smaller plates allows you to control portion size and is also used as a trick by celebrities to lose weight.
  • Remember to eat when you can, which is every couple of hours or 4 hours at max.

These tricks play with our psychology and trick our minds into thinking that we are full. After all, to avoid being overweight forever, we should remember the mantra, ‘less is more’.

How to lose weight fast

There is no way to lose weight fast except some crash diets like the Keto diet, the GM diet, The Dukan diet, etc. These diets kickstarts the dieting phase in the body by allowing rapid reduction in water retention and allowing the body to lose the water weight. But eventually, in order to maintain the quick reduction and the lost weight margin one has to exercise and opting for a healthier lifestyle is the only option.

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