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25-Home Remedy for Dry Cough- Symptoms, Treatment

Home Remedy for Dry Cough

With the increasing levels of pollution in civil habitats, a lot of chronic diseases have erupted and disturbed mankind  including dry cough which is highly irritable and conventional these days. As these pollutants or allergens enter inside your nasal path, your throat and then your lungs, your body is compelled to throw them out forcefully by coughing and this situation can become chronic if not treated on time. This article discusses Home Remedy for Dry Cough, helps you check out the symptoms and causes also.

Symptoms of Dry Cough

Well, people suffering from a dry cough may show the following symptoms:

  • Feeling dryness of the mouth, experiencing the bitter taste and excessive thirst
  • Dry coughing repeatedly
  • Inconvenience in swallowing
  • Nausea after consuming anything both solid and liquid
  • High production of Sputum or Phlegm
  • Continuous sore throat and hoarse voice
  • Persistent irritability
  • Constant feeling of suffocation in the chest or some other burning sensation
  • Invariably feeling weak and tired
  • Tenderness in the head, heart, sides, temples and also the abdomen
  • Mild and constant fever
Home Remedy for Dry Cough

Main causes of Dry Cough are

The major reasons for dry cough are the infections of the respiratory tract, suppression of vomiting, pneumonia, sinusitis, and soreness because of allergens or irritants and this happens to be the most popular among all the above-listed reasons. A dry cough is triggered by persistent exposure to dust, toxic smoke, high levels of pollution and many more. When the bacteria, allergens, and viruses enter the body, then as a counteract the body tries to forcibly drive away these external disturbances resulting in dry cough. To defend against this disease, one must have a strong immunity of the respiratory tract and this can be build-up by regularly consuming nutritious food, try to live in a toxic-free environment and the most important living an active and disciplined lifestyle.

Tips to Treat Dry Cough Naturally at Home

Home Remedy for Dry Cough

Dry Cough is one of the most widespread, painful and annoying ailments which people are suffering from these days. Let us have a look at some of the home remedies to treat such dry cough.

  • Menthol Cough Drops

Menthol is closely related to the mint family and contains compounds of the same, such medicated lozenges have a strong cooling effect which calms down the irritated tissues of the throat and further helps in relaxing the coughing reflex. These cough drops are easily available in most medical stores.

  • Tea, Soup, Broth or any other Hot Beverage

It is extremely important to keep the throat hydrated, whenever dry cough triggers. These hot beverages and warm liquids including tea, coffee, broth and soup provide that extra warmth and moisture to provide immediate relief to the itchy and sore throats hence accelerating the healing process of dry coughing.

  • Humidifier

During winter weather often blowers and room heaters are used in abundance to keep the enclosed areas warm and cozy, air quality in such rooms becomes dry which further intensifies the inflamed throat tissues and results in dry coughing among the inhabitants.

A humidifier is a gadget that increases the level of moisture in the room where it is kept and helps in getting rid of dry air. The use of a humidifier at night in your bedroom will help the patient improve his/her sleep quality and breathe properly which further aids in healing the ailment.

  • Avoid Irritants

    – Often foreign particles create irritation in the nasal path and the throat. One must make every effort to avoid common irritants in case the body shows allergies against them, which include cleaning products, perfumes, smoke, hair, and fur of pet animal and birds, pollens, etc.

  • Honey

    – Honey is an excellent gift from nature, it is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, this organic compound which helps in minimizing inflammation of the throat. Further, it aids in breaking down the mucus and hence soothes the throat. It is a sweetener, gel-like substance and can be consumed by several modes i.e. it can be added in warm tea, or just a hot cup of water with added lemon or honey mixed with grounded black pepper can be consumed just like a gel.

  • Gargle with Salt Water

    – Another magical yet simple home remedy to soothe a sore throat and dry cough is gargle with warm salt water. This also promotes healing by soothing inflamed tissues of the throat. Very simple and easy to make one can mix half a teaspoon of common salt into an eight-ounce glass filled with warm water. Sip this solution and tilt your neck backward and gargle for half a minute, spit it out and make sure you don’t swallow this salty solution. Repeat this process at least thrice a day. Gargle is the Best Home Remedy for Dry Cough.

  • Herbs

    – Herbs are the mystical gift of nature which helps in building up the immune system and are choked with anti-inflammatory properties. These can either be consumed directly or can be brewed them with some liquid. Following is the list of such magical herbs along with the methods of using them to heal a sore throat:

  • Infused Marshmallow Root

    – This has been used ever since ancient times to heal throats. Its roots comprise of mucilage a gelatinous substance that covers the throat and pacifies ailing throat. A quick recipe to prepare this – Immerse dried marshmallow root tied in cheesecloth and infuse this for eight hours straight and then take it out. Pour as per requirement and add sweetener to taste and sip throughout the day for better results.

  • Echinacea-Sage Spray

    – This spray has proved to be at par with some good quality antiseptic medication spray of the throat available in the market. These traditional herbs are pro-inflammation and fight bacteria. Steps for preparation – Put 1 teaspoon of grounded Echinacea and Sage each in a jar filled with a half a cup of boiling water and steep for half an hour. Strain the liquid and add a half a cup of hard liquor. Mix well and fill it in a small spray bottle and use after every two hours or as per need (one can skip adding the alcohol part as per preference).

  • Apple Cedar Vinegar

    – Popularly known as nature’s health tonic, it is packed up with anti-bacterial properties and helps fight bacteria. Consume 1 cup of warm water with 1 tablespoon of Apple Cedar Vinegar with added honey (as per own discretion). This gives excellent results if guzzled in small quantities.

  • Licorice root

    – Licorice is a traditional medicine used since past ages and as per a recent study, it has properties similar to that of Aspirin and reduces the pain of sore throat during dry coughing. It’s an easy process to make a Licorice tea i.e. Add some dried grounded Licorice root to hot water in a jar and allow it to steep for 30 minutes. Strain it out before drinking and repeat this process thrice a day for better results.

  • Lemon Water

    – Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, lemon water helps in producing extra saliva in the throat, resulting in reduced dryness and finally speedy healing. The best way to consume lemon and maximize its benefits is by putting some lemon juice in a cup full of hot water, a pinch of salt or a teaspoon of honey can be added as tastemakers and as per taste. Sip this solution slowly. Consuming at night speeds the healing and provides rest to the throat as well.

  • Ginger Tea

    – A miraculous spice with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties is responsible for killing many bacteria that are responsible for spreading respiratory tract infections. Stepwise directions to make ginger tea are – Boil 1 liter of water in a pan and add freshly peeled and grated ginger root to it and allow it to steep for 15 minutes. The magical solution is ready to be consumed after straining the ginger root, add honey or desired sweetener to it along with lemon juice and consume it by either heating it or at room temperature itself. This solution can be stored too.

Home Remedy for Dry Cough
  • Coconut Oil

    – The coconut oil is also extremely soothing since it lubricates the mucous membrane present in the throat. Furthermore, it is anti-inflammatory and helps the body fight infections. One can choose to consume two tablespoons full of coconut oil (at a time to keep away its side effects) to hot beverages like soup, hot cocoa, hot tea or any other of your choice. Just gulp one tablespoon full of coconut oil and let it slide down the throat slowly, it will soothe a dry cough.

  • Cinnamon

    – It is purely a traditional, delicious and fragrant remedy rich in anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. Cinnamon almond milk is just the perfect choice to treat infection arising due to the cold and flu. Directions to prepare cinnamon almond milk are – Put 2.5 ml of grounded cinnamon and 0.6 ml of baking soda in a pan and mix them well, add 1 cup full of almond milk and stir. Allow this mixture to start simmering, remove the solution from heat and mix it with some desired sweetener like sugar or 15 ml of honey and consume hot. One can consume this twice or thrice a day.

  • Plenty of Fluids

    – Consuming the right amount of fluids in lucid intervals makes sure that the mucous membrane of the throat remains well hydrated. This allows swallowing comfortable and heal a sore throat and hence make you feel better. Hot beverages are far more soothing in case suffering from dry cough.

  • Chicken Soup

    – It is well-known comfort food, packed up with lots of health and taste it is beneficial to treat dry cough naturally, and that too at the ease of your home. If garlic is added to it, its benefits increase in leaps and bounds and the best part is that this remedy can be either prepared at home or the canned option can be bought readily from the market. For no-vegetarians chicken soup is the Best Home Remedy for Dry Cough

  • Peppermint Tea

    – This is a highly refreshing and tasty beverage. Mint slightly numbs the throat and hence relieves the throat pain, peppermint tea is a well-known herb, which carries anti-inflammatory compounds. Other benefits of peppermint tea are that it is caffeine-free and does not need any added sweetener too. It can be simply made at home by adding a bunch of peppermint leaves to one glass of boiling water and then allow it to steep for 15 minutes, strain off the added leaves and sip slowly. The remaining solution can be preserved for future use.

  • Chamomile Tea

    – It is widely used for medicinal purposes for ages. Well known for its pleasant, soothing, mild-aroma and flavor, it promotes calm sleep, doesn’t contain caffeine and hence is excellent in healing dry cough and fight back infections. It is easily available in the open market and online too.

  • Herbal Lozenges

    – Herbal Lozenges are slippery on the throat and contain mucilage which coats the throat and aids in healing. In this fast-paced life at times it is very practical to suck a tiny lozenge and feel comfortable, rather than consuming infusions, teas, and other hydration drinks. These are easy to buy and carry for emergency usages.

  • Vitamins

    – Vitamins play a vital role in strengthening our immune system. Our body needs such compounds to function properly. Vitamin C has proved to be of great help in case of treating cold and cough, however, a multi-vitamin tablet is a better option to seek maximum benefits of all such compounds.

  • Bromelain

    – It is a powerful enzyme that helps to break down thick mucus. It is popularly known to treat irritated and swollen tissues of the throat and has anti-inflammatory properties in abundance. A glass full of pineapple juice is loaded with this compound in plenty, but a ready to consume supplement is a preferred option these days.


  • Probiotics

– A probiotic not only improves your immune system but also strengthens it and helps in fighting various infections in your body. Usually available as a dietary supplement, they are known to make a healthy balance of good bacteria “Lactobacillus” to better your digestive tract too.

Home Remedy for Dry Cough


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