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Brutal Force Review: Pros and Cons

Brutal Force is a company from the more niche affiliate network, that produces legal steroid alternatives.

These effectively are hardcore bodybuilding supplements, used to mimic the same hormonal response as steroids (but without customers enduring any side effects). 

Thus, their Dianabol alternative is labeled ‘DBulk’; and their trenbolone alternative labeled ‘TBulk’. 

Such supplements are much needed today, where there is a current worldwide steroid epidemic. 

The chances are most average Joe’s at your local gym if they’re not on steroids; have dabbled with them at some point. 

This has resulted in a generation of men whose biceps are getting bigger, but their hearts are getting weaker. And other organs are also failing in the process. 

Is Brutal Force a solution for men and women looking for fast results by taking steroids? Find out the pros and cons below. 


  • 100% legal
  • Safe to take
  • No side effects
  • Affordable
  • Can purchase from legitimate businesses
  • Orals


  • Results likely to be less impressive than real steroids

100% Legal

Lengthy jail sentences and hefty fines are the reality for those exchanging steroids on the black market. There is no guarantee that you won’t get caught and it’s a huge risk to take with your life. 

However, Brutal Force’s legal alternatives are 100% legal, with anyone being able to purchase these online — without landing in hot water with the police. 

Safe to Take

Anabolic steroids are notorious for their bad side effects, which can be mild to fatal; depending on the person. The scariest part about steroids is you never know how your body is going to react from that first cycle. 

Some people can tolerate steroids well (most IFBB pros); and others simply cannot, leading to various health problems. 

Then, even those who do tolerate them can end up seriously ill, because they are incredibly addictive and end up in them being abused. 

Brutal Force’s products do not produce any noticeable side effects. Because of this medical supervision whilst taking their supplements isn’t necessary. However, regular check ups are essential when taking steroids. 


Brutal Force prices their products reasonably, plus they regularly run 20% off deals across their whole store. Furthermore, they also have a buy 2 get 1 free offer on all of their supplements. 

On average, their supplements are priced at around $30. 

However, some steroids can cost several hundred dollars to run, even for a single cycle (like anavar). This doesn’t account for PCT supplements or liver support etc — bumping up the price even more. 

Purchase From Legitimate Business

If you’re buying anabolic steroids, you can never do it from a legitimate business. Why? Because the man or woman you’re dealing with is breaking the law. This means that it’s impossible to report them to authorities because you’re essentially ratting yourself out. 

However, with Brutal Force, this is a legitimate registered business that pays taxes. They are subject to business standards and thus all of their products must be FDA approved — otherwise they can get shut down. 

You could also report them if they scammed customers and didn’t send the products, meaning they have to be ethical in their approach. 

Brutal Force also has many lines of contact support where you can get in touch with them at any time (quickly), whereas many drug dealers are unreliable in this regard. 

When you need supplements quickly, because your stash has run out, you don’t want to leave your gains in the hands of a criminal — but rather a business who can get your supplements to you fast. Brutal Force also has a money back guarantee. In contrast, I doubt many dealers on the black market will be happy about the idea of you returning their product (and asking for your money back). 


All steroid alternatives from Brutal Force are tablets/pills/orals. 

With steroids, most are injectables, making it inconvenient and unpleasant for many. Also injecting in the wrong location can be deadly. 

Despite Brutal Force selling orals, they are not toxic to the liver and do not require a liver support supplement. 

Results Likely to Be Less

Steroid alternatives are not likely to be as powerful as hardcore illegal steroids, however, they may provide better value for money. 

And if you get ill from steroids, you’re also going to lose gains. Thus, you may actually end up making better gains on steroid alternatives over the long-term. 

After all, bodybuilding is a marathon, not a sprint. 


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